We are inclusive by persuasion and working with the local community has been essential for us since the beginning. Whether it’s the custom-made amenities in your bathroom, the design of our space, or the handsome clothing worn by our people, we’ve gone the extra mile to use items made by some of Thessaloniki’s most creative and dynamic designers and craftspeople.

Ergon Foods

ERGON is a purveyor of premium quality products, sourced from small, independent suppliers and available in their delis along with a cuisine concept that delivers a delicious modern take on traditional Greek dishes.

Physis Laboratory

This 3rd generation local pharmacy & laboratory is an excellent example of a thriving family business. True to its name borrowed from ancient Greek, Physis is synonymous with high-end natural products which we have the pleasure of carrying as our range of luxury bathroom amenities.

AMMA Garments

AMMA designs its collections inspired by the idea of a global state of culture. Its garments are defined by high quality and clean lines, resulting to simple and elegant outcomes – similar to The Modernist itself.


A creative studio based in Thessaloniki and founded by architects Konstantinos Theodoridis and Eleni Papaevangelou in 2011, FORMrelated creates one-of-a-kind architectural and interior design experiences that surpass even the expectations of discerning clients such as ourselves.

Post-Spectacular Office

We have this narrative-driven design lab to thank for our branding and design. Combining their broad experience from the fields of architecture, exhibition staging, graphic design and academia, they have their eye on both form and content.

Kyriakos Gialenios

Kyriakos is a talented local young author and experienced bookseller of IANOS bookstores. He carefully curated the list of books you’ll find in our rooms and common areas.

George Vavatsis

George Vavatsis is a well-established local artist and craftsman, whose awarded pottery work consists of utilitarian objects made of stoneware clay or porcelain – such as the ones he has designed especially for the daily life at The Modernist.